Thames Valley Catering New Range Of Lincat Combi Steamers And Self Cooking Centres

The description almost sounds like the ultimate in high tech gadgets but probably the most impressive piece of equipment that has come onto the market in recent times is the Lincat Combi Steamer and Self-Cooking Centre, which has made life in the high volume, short time delivery catering market so much easier. Thames Valley Catering is proud to supply these units alongside their Lincat Ovens and the introduction of high tech electronic controls has then enabled these units to be controlled to a very close margin and the flexibility and versatility of the units has helped the units become the ultimate in multi-tasking catering equipment.

The ranges of units supplied by Thames Valley Catering are varied but the major units combine steam heating with dry heat or they can do one or the other. The units control humidity to less than 1 % and have the added advantage that once the type of heating is chosen they are able to predetermine the heating cycle without the help of the operator. This Lincat self cooking center system is ideal in a busy kitchen and the advantages of getting a superb cooking cycle without the fear of damage or loss without careful watching is always a big plus in the purchase of such items. The units supplied by Thames Valley Catering can deal with very high volumes of hot food and this is ideal for the large banquets or dinners, which require instant serving for several hundred people with hot food in great condition. The advantage of these Lincat catering units are that food can be plated up kept in a chilled rack and heated to table serving levels when required using the Lincat Combi Steamer and Self-Cooking Centre.

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